Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Recorder 1.0.214



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Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Recorder 1.0.214 driver description:

Publisher review:
- This is the Initial Release v1.0.214
- We highly recommend that you keep your Odyssey7Q up to date with current firmware. If you are in the middle of a production, however, it is NOT recommended you update until your project is completed.
- Updating your Odyssey7Q with new firmware requires one Convergent Design Premium 2.5" SSD (any size).

Known Issues:
- 4K over HDMI in or out will never be supported due to hardware constraints.
- For recording: Progressive and PSF formats are supported, not Interlaced Formats.
- Individual Red, Green and Blue Histograms and Waveforms are only available in the full screen mode.
- When switching frame rates the screen may go black, not displaying an image. To remedy, unplug and then reconnect the SDI input or cycle the power.
- Different camera designs interact in various ways with the SDI record trigger, withsome as much as 10 frames off the trigger point of the camera’s internal recording. We recommend a Pre and Post Roll of 1-2 seconds to assure that important material is recorded.
- Occasionally when recording, audio may be off on an individual clip up to 3000 samples. This is still less than one frame.
- On rare occasion when powering on an Odyssey7Q, an SSD may countdown to 0 without proper initialization. If this occurs remove the SSD and reinsert. If this does not remedy the initialization after 30 seconds or occurs more then once, connect the SSD to a PC or Mac to ensure the SSD is mounting. If it mounts correctly, then reinsert into the Odyssey7Q.

Do not forget to set a system restore point before installing Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Recorder 1.0.214 driver, to avoid problems that may occurs when you install a wrong driver, or for other OS version etc. If a problem occur than you may restore you computer to previous time, before installing the driver.

Operating system:
OS Independent


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